Friday, May 21, 2010

New HRS Educator

Congratulations to our sanctuary manager Denise Cooper on becoming an official House Rabbit Society Educator! Way to go Denise!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

TTAS Chosen as Etsy Charity of the Month!

Tranquility Trail has been chosen as the Etsy Charity of the Month for June! Thank you Heather for your wonderful Etsy shop and for submitting Tranquility Trail. We really appreciate all you do for the bunnies!!

Visit Heather's shop at

Cars 4 Causes

Have an old car, boat, trailer, recreational vehicle taking up space? How about donating it to Tranquility Trail! TTAS is now set-up with Cars 4 Causes which allows you to donate vehicles of any sort. You get a tax write-off and TTAS receives 70% of the value of the vehicle. They will even come and tow it away if it doesn't run!

For more information please visit

Meet Sadie!

We would like to introduce you to our newest resident, Sadie. Sadie was found roaming a busy street in Phoenix. Lucky for her a very nice family who is interested in adopting Big Daddy and Cassidy were having dinner at a restaurant that looked onto the street. The people at the restaurant said she had been roaming around for a couple of weeks. The family jumped into action, stopped traffic and scooped her up and brought her to the sanctuary.

She unfortunately is probably a bunny who was purchased for Easter and then dumped when the family tired of her. A few months after Easter we see this situation all too often. Sadie is safe now and after her intake exam and quarantine period is over she will be up for adoption waiting for a lucky family to call her own.

Welcome to the Tranquility Trail Blog!

Welcome to the Tranquility Trail Blog! Tranquility Trail's new blog will be a great way to stay updated on all the sanctuary news. We will be posting new bunny info, adoptions, volunteer news, upcoming events, fun stories, etc.

Please feel free to submit any news or stories you would like to see included in the TTAS blog. Thank you for being a part of Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary!